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Suzzanne on "Greatest Sounds Under the Sun" with Sir Bruce 

Check out Suzzanne's fabulous interview with Sir Bruce Jefferson on WESU Radio!  Sir Bruce told us that "...(the) listening audience has rated my interview with Ms Douglas as the highest rated interview in the stations history. WOW!  She is so smart, funny, and educated."

Suzzanne calls in about an hour into the broadcast:


"Meant to Be" Now Available for Purchase! 

"Meant to Be" can now be purchased in our online STORE - this was written as an anti-hazing song for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's 1st ever Anti Hazing Summit and  a portion of the proceeds will go to the organization's efforts to end hazing.   Let's  S.T.O.P. and end hazing together.

Happy Yummy Chicken, the song 

Watch out for the release of the music video for Happy Yummy Chicken. Acting with Taryn Manning from "Orange is the New Black," was great!
She's loads of fun!!! Happy Yummy Chicken is a mocumetary that takes a look a the theater industry. I was honored when the producers asked me to pen the title song. It's a fun and silly ditty. Click HERE for the preview track. Thanks also to Ruby Choi for contributing her vocal skills to the track.

Video Shoot 

Looking forward to my music video shoot with my band at Oktaven Studios in May.
Look for the first video clips on my video page shortly after the shoot.


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